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TDF – Rest Day Recap

Yes, I know – I skipped a couple of stages. We had connectivity issues in my neighborhood (seems to happen this time every year, we must have a lot of cycling fans?). But, by Stage 10, you already knew the outcome. We expected Kim Kirchen to give up the yellow jersey; didn’t quite expect he’d also relinquish the green. We didn’t expect Cadel Evans’ spectacular finish. We will expect more shakeouts and shakeups in the mountains to come.

So, here we are in the Pyrenees on the first rest day and about halfway into the Tour. One of the fellows at work said he’s having a tough time caring about the Tour. Personally, I think all the cyclists in this year’s event deserve our attention. Take back the Tour? Sure, why not. I just love to watch the event. There was a time, not so very long ago, when we didn’t get this much coverage. Another reason to thank Lance Armstrong.

Is anyone playing the Kenda fantasy team game?

What are your predictions for this upcoming week of mountain stages?


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