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TDF – Stage 12: They Fall Away

Lavelanet – Narbonne 168.5k

Already another withdrawal from the race as rising star Ricco tested positive and abandons Saunier Duval. Barloworld’s woes continue as Baden Cooke was involved in a very bad crash and Duenas Nevado is dismissed.

Here’s what happens with the jerseys: the white jersey goes Vincenzo Nibali, the polka dot jersey goes to Sebastien Lang. The GC lineup changes as Mikel Astarloza moves up into the top-ten.

The question of the day: why are Liquigas and Barloworld still there? Maybe this should be called the “Cleaning House Tour.”

Feed zone tidbit: Garmin-Chipotle was giving away chipotle burritos by their team car. Have you ever been to a Chipotle restaurant? You have to like the chile, and the cafeteria-like format, but it’s not all that bad! Better than doping!

Speaking of eating, forgive me while I take a short break to enjoy my dark berry protein smoothie made fresh this morning. 🙂

I was wondering last night (uh-oh, that can be dangerous!): is there a minimum number of riders a team must have to complete the Tour?

Well, back to the race: Gerard (Cofidis) and Dumoulin (FDJ) have been the breakaway leaders for some time. But, they still have around 60k to go.

I’ve been reading comments on other live blogs from all over the free world of people threatening to boycott the Tour. I’m sorry to say that the airwaves are occupied by commentaries of a negative nature, all spurred by the ongoing revelations of more doping, and serious disappointment in Ricco. Yep, what was he thinking?!

They’re now in the last 24K and the sprinters will break loose very soon. The peloton is already repositioning itself for them. Liquigas must try to save face (what’s that sulfuric smell?) and have moved to the front.

I hate to say that it has been more fun listening to a couple of good ol’ boys around my office talking Texas politics than reading live comments about Tour politics, lol!

10k, 10 seconds gap…Stuart O’Grady finally makes an appearance! The peloton has passed all three of the breakaway leaders.

The Cav-man does it again and takes the stage!

Stage results
2 162 CHAVANEL, Sébastien FRA FDJ
4 151 ZABEL, Erik GER MRM
5 133 FREIRE, Oscar ESP RAB
6 063 CHICCHI, Francesco ITA LIQ
7 081 HUSHOVD, Thor NOR C.A
8 186 DUQUE, Leonardo COL COF
9 193 DEAN, Julian NZL TSL
10 114 HAUSSLER, Heinrich GER GST

GC standings
1 001 Cadel EVANS AUS SIL 50h23’05” 00”
2 017 Frank SCHLECK LUX CSC 50h23’06” 01”
3 191 Christian VANDEVELDE USA TSL 50h23’43” 38”
4 115 Bernhard KOHL AUT GST 50h23’51” 46”
5 131 Denis MENCHOV RUS RAB 50h24’02” 57”
6 011 Carlos SASTRE ESP CSC 50h24’33” 1’28”
7 041 Kim KIRCHEN LUX THR 50h25’01” 1’56”
8 104 Vladimir EFIMKIN RUS ALM 50h25’37” 2’32”
9 022 Mikel ASTARLOZA ESP EUS 50h26’56” 3’51”
10 067 Vincenzo NIBALI ITA LIQ 50h27’23” 4’18”

Team standings
1 CSC TEAM CSC SAXO BANK 151h01’25” 00”
2 ALM AG2R-LA MONDIALE 151h06’14” 4’49”
3 GST GEROLSTEINER 151h16’48” 15’23”
4 RAB RABOBANK 151h20’11” 18’46”
5 LAM LAMPRE 151h31’28” 30’03”
6 GCE CAISSE DEPARGNE 151h34’10” 32’45”
7 EUS EUSKALTEL – EUSKADI 151h37’10” 35’45”
8 C.A CREDIT AGRICOLE 151h43’14” 41’49”
9 SIL SILENCE – LOTTO 151h44’31” 43’06”
10 LIQ LIQUIGAS 151h45’29” 44’04”
11 THR TEAM COLUMBIA 151h48’55” 47’30”
12 FDJ FRANCAISE DES JEUX 151h50’42” 49’17”
13 COF COFIDIS 151h59’59” 58’34”
14 BAR BARLOWORLD 152h05’39” 1h04’14”
15 TSL GARMIN CHIPOTLE 152h08’49” 1h07’24”
16 QST QUICK STEP 152h14’55” 1h13’30”
17 BTL BOUYGUES TELECOM 152h16’49” 1h15’24”
18 MRM TEAM MILRAM 152h20’58” 1h19’33”
19 AGR AGRITUBEL 152h59’21” 1h57’56”


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