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TDF Stage 2

No time bonuses this year, but the team time trial is back. Meanwhile, sprinters will be looking for points today, and Team Astana sports the yellow jersey for the team, while Cancellara wears the individual yellow jersey.

So far, Stef Clement (42 Rabobank) looks strong to take the yellow for his sprint skill.

…and we’re not hearing much from Bob Roll until after the stages, it seems.

There’s something comforting about hearing familiar names in the Tour, like Boonen, Schleck, Cavendish, Wiggins, etc., after the past few years of shakeouts. And then, there’s Armstrong. Yes, we were wishing, hoping, wondering…now that he’s back, perhaps we’re just wondering?

Stef Clement faded to more experienced sprinters, and Cavendish got his first win of the Tour! A perfect effort by Team Columbia for their main man and magic sprinter.

Once again, Nike produced a powerful “Just Do It” promo featuring Lance, this time as the unbeatable cancer survivor not racing for “the critics.”
Notes of a consummate tourist
The route from Monaco to Brignoles takes the riders through Provence, famous for lavender, hearty foods and rose wine, the Mistral and Paul Mayles, among other things and persons. Olives, ratatouille and bouillabaisse are among the culinary history of this sunny Mediterranean region of Southern France. Formerly a center for mining aluminum and bauxite, and known for its marble quarries, the town name is believed to derive from the ancient Roman term for “plum,” (brinonia) and the fruit is still widely grown there. For you vinophiles, Brignoles is considered “the center of Provence wines.”


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