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TDF 2009 Stage 3

OK, so I had to deal with interruptions in connectivity at work…and, well, work, so there was no opportunity to blog. Plus, the live tracker that was so reliable last year isn’t so much this year. hmmm…

Anyway, unless you’ve been kept in the dark on purpose, you already know that Cavendish (Team Columbia) came through, again, with his 2nd stage win of this year’s Tour. The man simply looks unbeatable.

Earlier, it seemed as though Armstrong (finishing 3rd in the stage) was playing mind games with the peloton, perhaps just trying to stay out of harm’s way, but still letting the kids know he’s still able to kick some butt. Someone mentioned the heat, even he said the heat’s a factor. But, hey – he’s from Austin, where we’re going through our usual triple digit summer.

It’s just a little weird to not see Hincapie riding support for Lance. But, good for Big George for being the great mentor to the new guys on Team Columbia.

Notes of a consummate tourist
Still in Provence, Stage 3 takes the riders along the Marseillais to the land of French cowboys, the legendary Carmargue. Called the “French Florida,” this unique area between the Med and the Rhone is home to pink flamingos flocking to the marshlands, the famous big bulls and beautiful horses.


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