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TDF 2009 Stage 4 TTT

Is there really a rift developing within Team Astana after yesterday’s stage? That’s what some commentators are saying. What do you think?

By now, you know how the team time trial (TTT) played out. I think there can be no doubt that Lance will close that fraction of a second gap between him and Cancellara in pretty short order. There’s a lot at stake: Team Astana’s name, payback for Johann Bruyneel, Lance’s quest (pick one) – and, oh, yeh, that yellow jersey.

Nonetheless, I’m watching the rebroadcast – not able to watch it at work because, well, I’m working.

Notes of a consummate tourist
Nostradamus was a student of the Univ. of Montpellier. Montpellier sits in the Languedoc-Rossillon wine region, from where comes about 40% of the total wine production in France. There’s also a Catalan connection to the region, with a daily train running between Barcelona and Montpellier. Hence, you can find tapas in France!


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