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TDF 2009 Stage 14 – #5 for Cav?

This may be the Cav Man’s final chance to take the 5th stage win in this Tour, which will make Tour history. Unless Farrar can get it right, this time, or Cav’s team makes a strategic mistake (hard to imagine with Hincapie at the helm), it will likely happen.

That’s my prediction. I have to go for my run, will check in later.

Cav did not make it #5, and doesn’t get back the green jersey from the mighty Thor.

Big George may have dropped Lance down a notch…waiting for the official results…but he missed the maillot jaune by 5 seconds. Dang! Sorry, George; he doesn’t even know why anyone was chasing him. I’m also disappointed, I really like this guy, and so do so many of his fellow riders. My mom will be disappointed, too (she has a pic taken with him).

Lance seems to have confirmed that the rivalry between Garmin and Columbia kept his best bud out of claiming yellow. Why wouldn’t he want his BFF and former support win the jersey? Will we see the two in a consolation hug?

Notes from the consummate tourist
I remember Briancon, just not what I was doing there. But, having been a student at the University of Grenoble, I spent some time touring the Alpine region and looking for Olympic training camps with a few fellow students, just because we thought it would be fun.


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