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TDF 2009 Stage 16 The Astana Alps

Never underestimate will power…or strategic planning. Contador’s legs have been powerful up the mountains, thus far. However, he also fell apart this year in the Paris-Nice. Astana will try to command the Alps as they ride into the final week of the Tour, and they have three top positions, including Andreas Kloden (who tried to steal a mountain stage win from Team Postal a couple of years ago, but Lance took it in vindication for his lieutenant Floyd Landis and to keep the win for the team).

Armstrong hates to lose. Contador wants to win. Who will prevail, and can Lance really play 2nd or 3rd fiddle? I don’t think so, and I don’t want to think so. He has made up for being a minute-and-some behind, before. He might be an “old man” in the Tour, but he’s also the bionic man.

But, I could be wrong.


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