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TDF 2009 Mount Ventoux takes no prisoners on Stage 20

So, the order remains the same:

  • Contador retains and wins the Tour overall (unofficially)
  • Andy Schleck earns 2nd spot on the podium
  • Armstrong keeps his 3rd place on the podium

Well, at least he’s up there, and I have a feeling that, after the TT, just keeping a spot on the podium is all he would hope for. He remains among the GC contenders and other riders who have yet to conquer old “Baldy.”

One can’t blame him for holding his tongue. It was obvious from the start that Contador was going to play his own game. While we can’t blame him for vindicating himself for not being able to defend his jersey last year, we still have to question his sense of teamwork. I think he probably lost a lot of allies – even though he gained a couple in the Schleck brothers – in the peloton.

Well, give the talented youngster his due respect and accolades. Then, see what he’ll be able to achieve without Bruyneel, next year.

Undeniably, that Armstrong could come back this strongly after 4 years out of the game is more than remarkable, it’s astounding. I can’t wait until July 2010!

Meanwhile, there’s the ceremonial ride into Paris tomorrow and anticipation of what Cav from Man will do.


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