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TDF 2010 Stage 2 Bruxelles – Spa

A few Cat 3 and 4 opportunities for climbers should make this an interesting stage. Yesterday’s crashes have taken their toll, leaving 194 riders starting today, and only 18 teams intact. Today, we’ll probably see familiar names like Sylvain Chavanel, Astana will protect Contador, and there’s rain ahead.

Lance managed to survive yesterday’s pandemonium inside the finish and is relatively quiet today. Well, there is still time to make another statement, and he knows this race better than most. It’s a bit weird, though, to not see him supported by his old friend, George Hincapie.

I remember Belgium, the gorgeous fields and picturesque villages, enormous historic chateaux, the vast Ardenne forests, and hops growing in just about every garden (or, so it seemed). I’m not a beer drinker, but I did try to taste some of the famous varieties there. What I brought back was lace, instead – easier to pack.

Andy Schleck is back on a bike after the nasty crash on a narrow, rain slick descent. At this moment, the riders are 12K from the stage finish.

Sylvain Chavanel takes the stage and the maillot jaune for the day. It’s about time for Chavanel!

Loved the peloton’s collective “protest” of the route by riding in all together, so they all get the same time. Love this sport!


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