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TDF Stage 3 Tour de Crash

Wanze to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut

Lance lost time to both Contador and Cancellara after traversing the dreaded cobbles. I can’t remember a time when Lance has been this far behind, finishing not even near the top 10. The younger cyclist is proving to be stronger and more resilient than the veteran and his former captain. Crashes since Stage 1 have proven catastrophic to a few, and even the GC contenders have not been immune.

Perhaps it’s just not in the stars for Lance to earn at least a podium finish to his amazing Tour career; but, I’d hate to see him miss a spot. He knows better than anyone how to get back in the zone and challenge himself to levels of perfection that no one on this planet can hope to achieve (JMHO). I’m sending positive vibes his way…


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  Tim wrote @

It was more bad luck than bad form for Lance yesterday. The Frank Schleck crash helped split the field just as his brother and Cancellara attacked, and then he had a puncture as he gave chase. In fact, I’d say his form looked pretty good, as he did a really good turn to catch up to the group in front.

The problem for Lance now is that he must attack to make up time. Everyone will expect him to attack now in the Alps, which will make the job twice as difficult.

A podium is still a realistic possibility, but I fear he will need others to slip up if he wants to get anywhere near yellow.

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