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TDF Stage 4 A Sprint from Cambrai – Reims

Lance is not a sprinter, holding back for the mountain stages. So, I’m not surprised that Lance dropped down in the overall rankings after today’s stage favoring the sprinters. However, he is nearly 2 minutes behind Contador.

But, setting those two aside, a bit…I hate having to wait until I get home from work to see what happened during the day’s Tour. I have the iPhone TDF app, but far too many meetings have kept me from using it. So, I come home to see the standings and catch the prime time replay on Versus. And the thought occurred to me: the top guys are getting old! There will, likely sooner than later, come a day when we won’t be hearing Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin bantering about Cavendish, Cancellara or Hoshovd, among others, and the riders will have as much hair as Bob Roll. We’ll be asking ourselves, “whatever happened to Iban Mayo or Big George Hincapie?”

Can you remember when the Tour was a relatively unknown sports event to the “new world” masses? When I was in Grenoble in the early 1970’s, Eddie Merckx was the conquering hero, but asked to stay away from the Tour a year (so that someone else would have a chance to win). Back then, I didn’t understand the point of racing around France on a bike for nearly a month. But, it was very cool to make a mad dash with fellow students up to the route where the cyclists were going to pass by.

Well, because I have to wait so long to catch up with the day’s ride, one of the things I look forward to is entering the daily sweeps. I’ve never won anything, but, who cares. And, I collect all the write ups in the local newspaper for my mom (who kept the coverage on every Tour that Lance has been in).

I think I need to have a glass of bubbly to honor today’s ride into the Champagne region.


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