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TDF Stage 6 Montargis – Gueugnon Cav’s Day2

Yes, by now, you’ve heard that Cavendish made it 2 in a row, back-to-back stage wins. I sincerely hope he achieved this with natural talent, not unnatural help, considering the physical, let alone mental, challenges he has had of late.

Yes, Fabulous Cancellara is still wearing the yellow jersey. This, too, shall pass.

I’m looking forward to the high mountains on Sunday. Where I live, we have some foreboding hills that even Lance has trained on with teams past. I hate driving those hills! So, it should come as no surprise that I would be in awe of the TDF riders as they take to the mountains.

Another thing I love about the broadcast of the Tour is the overhead helicopter shot of the peloton. It looks so graceful, from above, the ribbon of humanity rolling along curves in the road.

Sidebar: during the Superbowl, we’re treated (or not) to some awesome new commercials. During the TDF, we’re also treated (or not) to some interesting commercials. Some of my favorites are from the US Postal Days. Do you have a favorite this year?

And, what’s your take on the fight at the end of stage 6?

P.S. I absolutely have nothing good to say about Time Warner Cable’s so-called “turbo” service that I’m paying an arm-and-leg for – it craps out way too often!


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