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TDF Stage 7 Tournous – Stn des Rousses 1st mountain climb

This has been referred to the “medium mountains” stage, the entry into the mountains with 3 Cat 2, 2 Cat 3 and 1 Cat 4 climb, plus a couple of sprint opportunities. Paul Sherwin comments that “the boys” will take it relatively easy on the Alpine climbs and ease into the more challenging Pyrenees – where the true battles will be waged.

Cancellara is in the lead pack of riders going into the Cote de Grange and Cat 4 climb. Meanwhile, have you noticed that no doping allegations have surfaced this Tour? Perhaps the Armstrong lawyers have flexed their muscles and told the press to back off, focus on Landis. Lance has the backing.

Speaking of whom, he has not lost any time off Cancellara, nor has he gained any. We’ll just see what happens today.

Sidebar: Cavendish is the only 25 yo rider in the Tour with an autobiography, Boy Racer: My Journey to Tour de France Record-Breaker

UPDATE: Cancellara being dropped by the peloton! Lance stays calm and collected. Cancellara has lost the yellow jersey on the last uphill climb of the day; it remains to be seen who takes it. Lance is still sitting in the group with Contador.

Congrats to Sylvain Chavanel, stage and yellow jersey win!


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