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TDF Stage 8 Into high mountains (via acoralsea)

Astana has done an incredible job for Contador. Armstrong is too far behind in time and doesn’t look like he’s interested in pushing very hard. He’s probably hurting as much as broken. Yes, there are still 2 weeks to go. But, has anyone come back from more than 6 minutes behind? This is a sad day for Armstrong, he doesn’t seem to care any more.

But – it’s a great day for Cadel Evans who takes the yellow jersey! This actually takes a bit of pressure off Contador.

Not looking good for the 7-time TDF champion, as he crashes AGAIN before the final climb. Is this it for Lance? Not the way he wanted to end his TDF career! The day started relatively uneventful, no one abandoned overnight and only one crash early on, until Armstrong crashed shortly before the lead group reached the first big climb. He's had a series of crashes all season, and took a hard roll on this one. Now, he must chase the peloton, whe … Read More

via acoralsea


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