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TDF Stage 9 Day 2 in the Alps

Morzine-Avoriaz -> Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne

I would rather have stayed home and watched the Tour live, than to have gone into work and face all hades breaking out because a server went down. It’s only a test server, but, it’s pretty significant when there are a couple of apps being tested, and a couple of teams (who shouldn’t be on it) trying to get to their stuff (that shouldn’t be there). (sigh) So, a hard workout with my coach/personal trainer was in order and a great stress relief.

While she’s trying to give me a break from running, considering I just did a marathon a couple of weeks ago, she still pushes me hard in strength training…time on the treadmill, followed by time on the rower, ending with floor work and pushups – good grief! While sweating bullets, I managed to carry on a conversation with her about LA’s incredible bad luck on Stage 8. He’s our homeboy, so we’re all feeling the pain of a most disappointing, and very tough, Tour. A French fan had video of the decisive crash in which he skidded across the ground and slammed into a curb – yikes!

So, watching tonight’s prime time replay, it’s weird to not see Lance pushing at the front of the peloton, or positioning himself for GC. Riding, instead, in support of Levi, I just keep wondering if he’ll get an opportunity to take a stage win. He needs something to keep his head in the game, as he says. How do you do that after such physical blows?

Andy Schleck is performing incredibly well without his brother, good for him! But, this is just the beginning of week 2. The outcome of this stage has already been revealed. Schleck in yellow. Armstrong now 15 mins behind, a HUGE gap.

I need a martini…


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