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TDF Stage 11 Thought this was a gentlemanly sport

Guess not! After Renshaw’s head-butt act on Dean on the sprint to the finish line, he was withdrawn from the Tour. Cav now has to rely on someone else to shepherd his way into a sprint finish. Well, when Mc Ewen pulled that trick on Stuart O’Grady, Mc Ewen was sent to the back of the pack. But, Renshaw also targeted Tyler Farrar. Renshaw lost my respect!

Speaking of Farrar, he also lost his shepherd, Robbie Hunter, who suffered a broken elbow. Do you think that it’s inexperience among so many young riders that’s causing the more seasoned riders such grief?


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  Tim wrote @

These sorts of antics are not that uncommon in bunch sprints, although Renshaw’s chop on Farrar was cynical and dangerous. The last man to be DQ’d outright was Tom Steels in 1997 – he threw a bottle at a rival!

The cynic in me wonders if this is the French trying to bring Cav down a peg or two and make the sprints more even, because they’re sick of him winning all the time. If it had been Sandy Casar, say, or Tommy Voeckler would they have disqualified him or relegated him to the back of the pack?

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