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TDF Stage 15 Port de Bales Battle

The controversy of the day: Contador’s attack when Schleck is “down.” Personally, I don’t think Contador gives a flying leap about anything but his own goal, fairness and sportsmanship tossed off the cliff. He was boo’ed as he took the podium and the yellow, Schleck boiling quietly. Perhaps it was a stroke of bad luck, but perhaps Contador should have stood down a bit and waited for the yellow jersey. Archaic or not, the Tour has embodied good sportsmanship and cycling “etiquette.” A dying attitude to some.

The great moment of the day: Voeckler taking the stage. I have liked this guy since 2004, when he rode 10 days in yellow. Good for him, and for making the French even happier this Tour.

More b.s. from LeMond about Lance, more huff than substance, as usual. Is Greg simply jealous because a stupid hunting accident robbed him of an opportunity to go for another yellow jersey in his day? Give it up, Greg, you’re looking ridiculous.



  Tim wrote @

Indeed. Was yesterday another nail in the coffin of sportsmanship?

Contador’s reputation – not overly brilliant to start with – is now forever tarnished, despite his subsequent video apology.

I’ve tried to take some of the emotion out of the analysis in my latest blog here (I’ve probably failed though, as I’m still so annoyed!):

  Beate Oera-Roderick wrote @

Winning the love of the fans isn’t entirely pointless, though. Contador clearly cares more about winning, but he, too, needs to retire at some point, and a degree of respect and popularity will help his post-racing career. Yesterday’s decision was a PR disaster, which probably why he apologised in the end.

It would be sad if the etiquette of sportsmanship in cycling died out!

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