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TDF Stage 16 Lance No Pau Boy

Well, he tried, and valiantly. Perhaps he waited just a little too long to kick in. Perhaps he made the wrong move to the wrong side inside the 2K stretch. We can afford to be birds eye critics. Nonetheless, that he even stepped up to the plate to sprint in with the kids was admirable. It sort of looked like he sat back just before crossing the finish line, though, I suppose at the moment he realized it was all for naught.

I know, there are those among you who will still refer to Lance as an old man. A little perspective: Big George is older, and he’s riding his 15th Tour, and he’s not the oldest, either.

Lance Armstrong is over in about 4 or 5 days,” he said. While that may be true for his TDF career, it won’t be true for other events, another marathon, a triathlon (his roots).



  Tim wrote @

I think Lance knew his chance was gone when he didn’t drop Fedrigo and the other guys with decent sprint finishes on the climbs. Apparently he told Johan Bruyneel 15km from the finish that he was feeling tired after all his earlier attacks. Fair enough.

But he gave it a go at the end, then sat up when he realised he was going to be third or fourth at best.

Incidentally, Big George is a bit younger than Lance, but your point is still just as valid. The oldest guy in the Tour is Christophe Moreau, and he did OK yesterday, didn’t he? 🙂

  acoralsea wrote @

Oh, yeh, you’re right – George’s bday is coming up (7/29/1973) and Lance’s is shortly thereafter (9/18/1971). For some reason, I always think George is older…maybe it’s because he’s so much bigger!

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