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Armstrong’s TDF Teammates, past and present

So, I asked Bobke a question that remains unanswered, probably because it would take some effort to research. But, I wanted to know which riders in the 2010 TDF had ridden in prior TDFs with Lance, when and on which teams. A table of teams and riders won’t fit here, so, a list of the riders:

TDF Teams
1992–1996 Motorola
1998–2004 US Postal
2005 Discovery Channel
2009 Astana
2010 Team RadioShack

Past and present teammates in the TDF 2010
Alberto Contador
Andreas Kloden
Ben Noval
Chris Horner
Christian Vende Velde
Dmitryi Muravyev
George Hincapie
Gregory Rast
Levi Leipheimer
Sergio Paulinho
Yaro Popovych

All TDF teammates
Alberto Contador
Alvaro Mejia
Andrea Peron
Andreas Kloden
Ben Noval
Benoit Joachim
Bruno Thibout
Cedric Vasseur
Chris Horner
Christian Vande Velde
Dmitry Muravyev
Fabio Casartelli
Flavio Vanzella
Floyd Landis
Frankie Andreau
Geo Hincapie
Gregory Rast
Haimar Zubeldia
Janez Brajkovic
Jesus Montoya
Jonathan Vaughters
Jose Azevedo
Jose Luis Rubiera
Kaspara Ozers
Kevin Livingston
Laurent Madouas
Levi Leipheimer
Manuel Beltran
Max Sciandri
Michel Deries
Paolo Savoldelli
Pascal Derame
Pavel Padrnos
Peter Meinert-Nielsen
Phil Anderson
Raoul Alcala
Robero Heras
Sean Yates
Sergio Paulinho
Steffen Kjaergaard
Stephen Swart
Steve Bauer
Steve Bauer
Tyler Hamilton
Vic Hugo Pena
Vlat Ekimov
Yaro Popovych


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