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Tour de France 2011 Stage 7 A sporting route

We could use all that rain out here in Central Texas that the boys had to endure yesterday on their longest ride to Lisieux and the tricky uphill finish at the Bastille. Thor kept the G-C team in yellow, but the stage went to another Norwegian, this one the guy with Sky. I wonder if anyone ever refers to him as Hagen Daz (like Haagen Daz ice cream – did you know that’s a totally made-up name?).

Levi’s “surf” of the guardrail could have been worse, thank goodness he survived. Contador lost more time. Voelker just ran out of gas on the final sprint. Boonen seems to be recovering well. A good day for Norway. What a crazy day.

They’ll all be carried to Le Mans, yes, THAT Le Mans, home to the legendary auto race, from where they’ll race to the birthplace of French actor Gérard Depardieu and location of popular sporting events. Cavendish won his first stage win here in the 2008 Tour (but sat back yesterday). This route takes the boys toward the Pyrenees which is most likely where the yellow could find a new set of shoulders by Saturday.


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