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house calls

why are we so intrigued, enamored, captivated, insulted, annoyed, challenged and otherwise obsessed with Hugh Laurie’s character House? is the character really a genius, or is the character pure genius?

of all the hospital-centric television offerings, House is my favorite. the stories are intelligent; the cast believable. House appeals to the side of me that wants to be as blunt and straightforward with some people as they deserve to be, rather than treat them as gently as they do not. but, then, that would be considered bad karma for me. if you think about it, House lives in the lower regions of Dante’s Inferno, in spite, or perhaps due to, his genius.

who cares. he’s an entertaining character. if television is about entertainment, this is one show that holds up to its end of the bargain.

among my other favorites: Project Runway, Kitchen Nightmares, Monk. i have some sort of “connection” with the eccentric. we all do, or at least a good many of us do; enough that we have shows like House to entertain us. speaking of which, the show is on now and calling to me. cya