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Slipstream/Chipotle Gears up for Le Tour

A few months back, I was searching for info on our two USA teams slated to compete in this year’s Tour. The Slipstream Sports guys have their web act together, so I susbscribed to their newsletter in order to keep up with their progress. Also cool is that you can follow them on Twitter. If you want twitterings sent to your mobile, follow these steps:

1) Go to TeamSlipstream on Twitter
2) Sign up for a Twitter account, register your mobile phone, and login
3) Go back to TeamSlipstream page on Twitter and click the grey “Follow Me” box.

High Road Sports may be the only entirely US-based UCI pro-cycling tour team, but their site only offered pretty Flash (although I won’t complain about seeing one of my favorites, Big George Hincapie). Sorry, guys – make it easy for me to follow you, and I will!