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TDF Rest and reflect day

Bruyneel said they’ll ride to support Levi. Levi is no Lance. Lance is no quitter, but there’s only so much a battered body can take. Here’s wishing Radio Shack a better week.

TDF 2010 random: Bob Roll’s eyebrows

I know TV broadcasters are given a brush or two of makeup. But…Bob Roll’s eyebrows look heavily made up against his whitening head fuzz. Am I the only one in the Versus cycling fan base who has noticed this, or who cares? It just looks downright weird!

TDF 2010 Let the ride begin

In my little town, cycling takes on a whole new life, when Le Tour begins. That may have something to do with the fact that the Tour’s first and only 7X Maillot Jaune lives here. We’re rather loyal to him, having supported him through tragedy and triumph. For me, personally, there’s another dimension to rejoice in 2011 – that Livestrong will be the title sponsor of our local marathon’s 20th anniversary.

Now, back to the beginning of the most exciting sports competition of the summer (at least to millions of us). A video history of the Tour, narrated by Phil Liggett, is running on Versus online as I write. I’d usually be out for a morning run, my week after marathon recovery run, actually, or maybe riding my sleek Italian road bike that I love so much. But, the road is still too slick from heavy overnight rains. Besides, I’ve been waiting for this morning for months!

Let the ride begin!

The Tour begins with the Prologue loop in Rotterdam. Let’s watch…

Prologue win goes to fabulous Fabian Cancellara, and Lance fought for his few seconds lead over rival Alberto Contador. Great start to the TDF!
My darling groom’s family is from Slovenia, and so is one of the Team Radio Shack riders, Jani Brajkovic